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My daughter, has been assisting me from California by remote; there’s a limit to what she can do. To solve this problem she searched “tech help + asheville” on Craig’s List and found KIST and another supplier. After talking to both about my needs, she recommended KIST. We had just switched from DISH which proved too complicated back to cable. Clearly the cable technician did not know how to stream Netflix with his remote on my new TV, but didn’t say so. Instead, he told me he didn’t have the right kind of remote on the truck, that I would have to contact his Company to mail me another. By the time it arrived I had figured out that the remote he had left worked to turn my TV on/off, volume and mute worked and had to ask myself, Why couldn’t Netflix work? The technician had said he was assigned to me and gave me his home phone number, said I could call him anytime for assistance. When I called his number it was “out of service.” (This is the second time a technician from the cable company had provided me with an “out of service” number.)
Ta Dah! KIST and Patrick to the rescue.
He came the same day, quickly checked hook-ups, the modem, my wireless computer, then with a combination of how I had accessed Netflix streaming before, with patience, kindness and expertise Patrick determined how to make everything work. Afterward he wrote down step by step what I needed to do and took me through the pattern until I felt confident. Patrick’s a natural teacher. The unique difference Patrick brings to his clients is respect; in my age group respect is an important value. He didn’t make me feel stupid. I requested that KIST be added to our retirement community's "Favored Vendor List" and highly recommend Patrick.
(Ms.) Frankie S. Asheville, NC

I am totally happy with my computer and I recommended you to a friend. I cut down on my internet speed (per your advice) and am saving $10 a month and my computer IS RUNNING FASTER. I got good service, faster speed, saving $10 a month, and did not have to take my pc to the shop....big plus for me. Thank you, Patrick.
Joan R, Asheville, NC

Patrick and Mara!
Your work looks great. I appreciate all the time you put in on my fabulous new website for
Thank You!
Sally B. Biltmore Lake, NC

Thanks again for your help!!! you saved me from printer hell.... I will forever be in your debt and I was impressed at how patiently you guided me through the problem and solved it over the phone... and you spoke english!!!! take care.... peace out...
Terry S. Chimmney Rock, NC

OMG,,My pc shut down like a charm last nite, & when I booted up this am, clicked on the aol icon, it took only a second to load. Thank u so much 4 ur hard work yesterday.
Carlene S. Asheville, NC

Yes indeedy my computer is sooooo fast now. I don't know how to act? I get winded just typing....ha,ha.
Cindy W. Austin, TX

My computer seems to be back to normal thanks to you. Thank you very much for all the very good help. I really appreciate you.
Mary Jane S. Candler, NC

Patrick is excellent at what he does! Beth and I have used his services for our businesses many times over the past year and a half. Patrick's extensive profesional background in all things computers makes him extremely knowledgeable.
Martin M. Asheville, NC

Patrick was extremely conscientious and had incredible follow-through with getting my data from a computer that died onto a new computer, and also with some email and hardware issues. He made it simple by bringing it into layman’s terms and left step by step instructions so I could work on my own. He made the scary and overwhelming an enjoyable learning experience. Thanks so much. You are so wonderful. You are an extraordinary person. I am putting a lot of data in now and I will try to back up soon and I will call. Thanks for your great professional reminders as well.
Rosiland W. Asheville, NC

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