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Do You Have T.C.S.?
(Technically Challenged Syndrome)

Take the test!

Yes    NoDo you feel like the high tech wave rolled by and left you in the dust?
Yes    NoDo you feel left out at parties when people talk about getting emailed photos of the kids?
Yes    NoDo you have anxiety about purchasing a computer because you just don't know what you need or are unsure of your potential for learning how to use it?
Yes    NoDo you have a computer but have feelings of inadequacy because you just cannot seem to get going?
Yes    NoDo your tech-savvy kids seem to speak a foreign language when you ask for computer help?
Yes    NoAre you a small business owner, keeping secret that you don't do accounting, inventory or data management electronically?
Yes    NoAre you intimidated by your cell phone, digital camera or fax?
If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, you need KIST.