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Getting in the Flow ~ Stay Secure and Serene...
 by regularly backing up your computer.
 Patrick Lublin, on "Being the Master of your Electronic Domain".
The “Zen” of Backing Up 
Want to have peace of mind in case your computer stops working?  Learn how to back it up.  You’ve no doubt heard the term “backup”, and that it’s something important, but are you doing it?  If you said no, you’re not alone.  This is one of the most important things computer users need to know, yet most difficult to get people to do.
The reason most people are not diligent about protecting their data is because they are either; uninformed as how important this is, uneducated on how to do it, or lack the practice which would make it automatic.  Even people who have had computers fail, with resulting loss of data, frequently don’t learn this lesson.  The path of least resistance for many people is to buy a new computer, even though a new hard drive may be all that’s needed.  However, if the computer is older, buying a new one may make more sense.  We’ve had clients ask us to reload whatever documents they happen to have onto their replacement hard drive, or new computer – only to continue putting off the “backup" lessons we advocate.  We just recently worked with a client who was in a heart breaking situation, where a new hard drive was needed (on their business computer!) and their company data and tax info was incomplete because it hadn't been backed up for a while.  I feel so strongly about remedying this potential problem for others, that I was compelled to make this the subject of today's article. 
Most often, procrastination is just “fear of the unknown”.  If you are not sure on how to do something, you tend to put it off.  However, knowing how to easily backup the important data on your computer will give you mastery of your own domain, and peace of mind.
Getting into the “flow” of backing up your work is simply a matter of becoming good at it, a “Master”, if you will.  Then, you only need the discipline to do it at regularly scheduled times.  Zen is described as “being in the flow, a state of control that is simultaneously effortless and masterful”. 
KIST would like to get you there.
Staying Serene and in the Green
In recent years I’ve noticed more and more bad programs infecting computers.  By bad programs, I mean; viruses, malicious software, spyware, and bad updates to software.  It’s getting harder to remove these bad programs.  We are now telling all our clients to not only backup their files (like photos, music, spreadsheets & documents) but to backup the entire computer, software and all.  
This will save you time and money if your computer becomes infected, or if your hard drive breaks, or if you simply want a new computer.  Some of our clients have lost their software discs – and – the software license.  And there are some who have performed software upgrades but have no records of which ones. This is troublesome, because they have no way of getting their programs back if their computers should stop working.  *But - if they had backed up the entire computer - Problem Solved !
The time it takes to restore a computer with a backup is around one to three hours.  Without a backup, you would need to re-install software, re-configure software, and load the data (if you did not lose it).  This could take days, cost hundreds of dollars and really “harsh your mellow”.
Back Up Devices: 
External Hard Drive:  These drives fit in your hand, and can hold a tremendous amount of data. Best of all - they allow you to restore your entire computer.  It’s a wonderful feeling to see everything put back just as it was before a crash.  We feel strongly that everyone should have this.  It could save you the expense of a whole new computer and software. 
Thumb Drive:  This is a small portable backup drive.  Only three inches long, it has the capacity to store your important documents, music, photos or finances.  You can even put it on your key chain, so you always have it with you.  Forgot about bringing the laptop along, and just bring your thumb drive to use on your office computer. 
Backup 101
KIST’s training starts with finding out the size of your hard drive.  We then purchase the correct external drive for you.  We’ll also purchase and install the necessary backup software.  We do this for you to make sure you’ve got the right equipment - so we can guarantee our work.
We then teach you each step to perform a routine backup of your entire computer (and the selected files if you’d like on a thumb drive). Together we’ll also do a test to restore the computer data.  Additionally, you get personalized notes covering everything we did, so you can reference them in the future, and be your own “Master”.
Peace of Mind Investment
         ·   External hard drive                 $140 
         ·   Backup Software                        70 
         ·   Install, Training, Testing              60 
         ·   Thumb Drive (not required)        30 
                   Cost  -                              $270 - $300 
                   Cost of peace of mind  -  Priceless *
Want more “Peace of Mind?"
KIST can perform regularly scheduled backups for you
Schedule your "Backup 101" course today.   With our remote software, it's so easy - you can do this in your pajamas!
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