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American Dancesport Center is a unique family owned and operated studio offering a fun and relaxed dancing experience. We believe "Anybody Can Dance", when taught by a patient dance instructor.

Be part of the fun, learn how to dance socially for the weddings and events you sit out on, be part of the night club scene, or try competitive dance. You too can learn how to dance like the people on
"Dancing With The Stars".

A customer

Once More Decor Asheville began in February 2010 as a resale business specializing in decorative items for the home. OMD was created by Sally Butcher to fulfill her passion for decor and design. At OMD, our motto is "Giving new life to the faded and forgotten." And we do just that, refurbishing old items to make them new again.

Oil Painting

bee sieburg paintings in oil. Bee sees everything in its wild, quirky, pure state. To her, a bicycle leaning against a Provencal home is just as natural as a camel packed for the caravan. She captures her subject's fundamental qualities with a keen eye and deft hand, preserving its immediate vitality.

A customer

Mary Phoenix Mary has had her hands in clay for most of her life and is known for her sculptural pieces including life-size female torsos, tribal-like masks, primitive figures, iguanas perched on large vessels, and collectible witches.

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