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KIST - Dictonary Definition.
Googling adj. The act of searching for something on the Internet by using the popular search engine Google. See "Search Engine" below.
Keyword n. A word or group of words that together make up the term or subject that you are searching for. i.e. "use your keywords wisely while Googling."
iPod Ipodn. (1) A portable device that plays music.
(2) that infernal gadget permanently stuck in the hands of all youngsters.
(Palm Pilot)
n. A personal organizer containing your entire life and without it, your brain would be at a loss as to how to remember things.
Search Engine n. (1) A software program that searches a database and gathers and reports information that contains or is related to specified terms.
(2) A website whose primary function is providing a search engine for gathering and reporting information available on the Internet or a portion of the Internet.
Start Menu Start Menun. The computer menu that is called up by the Start button on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen in Windows. It provides access to Windows Help and several utilities, as well as to all the applications installed on the computer.

Wifi Deviceadj. (1) Short for "Wireless Fidelity."
(2) The popular term for a high-frequency wireless local area network. It lets home and office users create wireless local networks, which connect two or more computers to each other and a faster Internet line. This way there is no more poking holes in walls or tripping over bulky Ethernet cables. The Wi-Fi technology is rapidly gaining acceptance as an alternative to a wired local area network (LAN).

Windows Key Windows key on keyboard.n. A key on your keyboard which opens up the Start Menu. See "Start Menu" above.
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