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President of KIST

Patrick Lublin, president of KIST, has over 28 years of computer experience. From software analyst, to programming, troubleshooting, and call center work, Patrick’s done it all.

His passion for computers and his skill with teaching, led him to start KIST Computer Services, with special focus on the novice user.

Two customers on computer support call Our clients really like that we work with them on their own computers - in a compassionate and respectful way - and, on just the subjects they want to learn.

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than seeing people excited and empowered when they discover they can successfully perform tasks, on their own, following the notes provided by KIST after each session.

Our aim is to make you happy and comfortable with your computer. Give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation. Isn’t it time you “got KIST”?


Email:          Web Site: www.KIST.TV          Phone USA: (828)-684-5080